in which Gausz is used or data is generated for Gausz

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Integration FTTx in WestNetz Online Plan Information

For the Opens an external link in a new windowFTTx-Projekt from Innogy SE the geographic information system provided by SPIE Infograph <Opens an external link in a new windowGisMobil extended by an interface for exporting Gausz CGM data.


The Gausz CGM files generated in this way are displayed as a separate division by the extended Westnetz Planauskunft and added to the information.





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Integration in Westnetz QS-DB

From 2010 to 2014 Westnetz installed the QS-DB, a database system in which all relevant network data from productive applications and external data sources were gradually integrated, transformed and consolidated.


Gausz CGM files are exported from this system for display in the Westnetz online information system.


Online plan information of Westnetz GmbH

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Online plan information of Westnetz GmbH


The online plan information system of Westnetz GmbH provides a free information system for planning and construction measures.


The portal was set up in 2011 by SPIE SAG GmbH CeGIT Wallenhorst and delivers up to 1800 information daily as a PDF download or by email. Since its launch, more than 800,000 items of information (as of 10,2017) have been retrieved.


The Gausz application is used in this portal as a 'backend' for PDF generation.



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Information system at Westnetz GmbH

Gausz is installed as an information system at Westnetz GmbH on about 4000 stationary and 800 mobile workstations.


SPIE SAG CeGIT Wallenhorst is responsible for the application and operation of Westnetz.